SaaS Copywriting: How to Vet Your Next SaaS Copywriter (Clue: They Shouldn’t Only Be a Writer)
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Jennifer Poblete
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March 31, 2023
SaaS Copywriting: How to Vet Your Next SaaS Copywriter (Clue: They Shouldn’t Only Be a Writer)

Yes, the digital world of SaaS is all about having high-quality SaaS copywriting. 

And here’s what we mean:

  • around 60% of consumers bought something after getting promotional emails
  • more than half of social web surfers use social media to do product research
  • people scan and skim web copy more than they read

But, with dozens of applicants vying for your copywriting position—one big question looms: How can you tell which SaaS copywriter is right for the job? 

So in this post, we’ll reveal some revolutionary guidelines on how to vet SaaS copywriters  (hint: it’s not only about writing). Please don't forget that not all copywriters are created equal. 🤭

Let's kick things off by differentiating SaaS copywriting from other “copywriting”.

What is SaaS copywriting?

Simply put, SaaS copywriting is writing specifically for software and web-based services. It involves creating content that attracts potential customers to the product, informs them about its features and benefits, and ultimately persuades them to take action and become paying customers. Also, it should retain existing customers by providing ongoing value and engagement.

Copywriting for SaaS often involves collaborating with other members of the marketing team, like the designers, developers, and product managers, to make sure that all messaging and content are consistent and aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

But what makes it different from other “copywriting”?

Perhaps, the biggest difference between traditional copywriting and SaaS copywriting is that in this profession, the hired SaaS copywriters must be knowledgeable about the technology behind the product or service they are writing about.  

I can personally say that it requires an intimate understanding of the product or service being offered in order to communicate its features and benefits to potential customers effectively.

Like here in CaaSocio, part of the writing process is to have a call with founders and heads similar to you. So we can deep dive into your product—including your target market and existing value proposition.

But for more information, here are other differences:

  • SaaS copywriting places a strong emphasis on the user experience. The copywriter must be able to communicate the value of the product in every stage of the buyer’s journey—in a way that resonates with the user.

  • Also, writing SaaS copy is highly focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO), which involves crafting compelling copy plus calls to action (CTA) that drives users to sign up for a free trial or purchase the product.

  • Lastly, SaaS companies often use a subscription-based pricing model, right? And this model requires different messaging—something totally different from traditional one-time purchases. Copy for SaaS products needs to emphasize the benefits of the ongoing service so paying customers can see the value of paying on a regular basis.

Why is it important for SaaS?

Copywriting is important because it helps you get noticed by potential customers and position yourself within the market—two things that are necessary if you want to achieve scalability with your SaaS business. 

Here are some other ways in which SaaS copywriting can help your positioning so you can easily scale:

  1. Attracting the right audience

Yes, you already have your target audience. But, how about some fresh perspective from your hired SaaS copywriter? Effective SaaS copywriting can help you identify and target your ideal customers better. By understanding your current market, the customer's pain points, challenges, and needs, software copywriting means designing messages that speak directly to them and attracts them to your product.

  1. Developing your business personas

One of the key benefits of SaaS copywriting is the ability to develop buyer personas. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real customer data. By creating detailed buyer personas, you'll be able to understand better the needs, motivations, and pain points of your target audience. This, in turn, can help you craft messaging that resonates with them on a deeper level and encourages them to engage with your brand.

  1. Communicating your unique value proposition

Using SaaS copywriting can really help you explain the value of your product or service in a way that your customers will understand and appreciate. By highlighting the benefits of what you're offering in a way that really speaks to your audience, you can set yourself apart from the competition and make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

  1. Enhancing pages for sales

If you're looking to scale your SaaS business, good SaaS copywriting can be huge. Here's how: By crafting your website and landing pages with compelling language and strong calls-to-action, you can encourage more visitors to take action. This might mean signing up for a free trial or subscribing to your service. In short, effective SaaS copywriting can help you optimize your site for conversions and increase your chances of success.

  1. Optimizing for search engines

You can scale up your SaaS business with good copywriting because crafting your website's copy with the right keywords and phrases, you'll boost your search engine optimization efforts. It means potential customers will find you easier thanks to a higher search engine ranking. So, invest in good SaaS copywriting to improve your website's positioning and attract more traffic. It's a smart move that can pay off big time in the long run.

So what can a SaaS copywriter help you with?

A good SaaS copywriter can create compelling marketing materials that have the power to attract and retain customers, drive conversions, and increase sales. 

That’s why it makes sense to hire a SaaS copywriter—but what exactly can they do for you? 

  1. Website Content
  2. Landing pages copy
  3. Email content
  4. Social media posts
  5. Product Descriptions
  6. Product walkthroughs
  7. Overall brand narrative

Let’s explore these different services that SaaS copywriters provide. 

Website Content 

Looking to improve your website's conversion rate? 

Investing in a SaaS copywriter will help you create content your audience will love. A good copywriter writes content that addresses your target audience's needs and interests. They'll make sure your website is informative, persuasive, and engaging while staying true to your brand's personality and values. All of this helps to build trust with potential customers and increase the chances of them becoming paying customers.

Landing pages copy

Are you trying to create a landing page and want to make sure it convinces your visitors to become customers or leads? Well, a SaaS copywriter can help you out with that.

A landing page is a single web page that's solely designed to convert visitors into customers or leads. It's crucial that your landing page copy clearly highlights the advantages of your product or service, showcases its unique features, and convinces visitors to sign up or make a purchase. That's where a SaaS copywriter comes in. They can help you craft compelling landing page copy that resonates with your target audience and ultimately drives conversions.

Email content

You know those emails that make you want to click and buy? 

A SaaS copywriter can help you do the same thing for your business by writing email copy that grabs your audience's attention and encourages them to take action. Whether you're trying to get more people to sign up for your service or buy your product, a SaaS copywriter can help you craft emails that get results. They know how to use persuasive language, create urgency, and highlight the benefits of what you're offering to increase open rates, clicks, and conversions.

Social media posts

So, you want to promote your SaaS product or service on social media but you're not sure how to write posts that will grab your audience's attention?

A SaaS copywriter is someone who specializes in writing marketing copy specifically for SaaS businesses. They can help you write social media posts that are not only attention-grabbing but also informative and shareable.

Product Descriptions 

Your product descriptions are often the first impression that potential customers have about your product or service. A great copywriter will be able to take complex technical information and turn it into concise, easy-to-understand text that highlights the features and benefits of your product in an engaging way. They can also work with you to create detailed descriptions that emphasize the competitive advantages of your products compared to those offered by other companies. 

Chat and in-app copy

Do you ever notice how when you use an app or software, there’s always a pop-up message that helps you navigate through the product?

Hence, the role of a SaaS copywriter. They specialize in crafting microcopy that guides users through your product or service. Not only do they help with instructions and pop-ups, but they can also write copy that answers users' questions and encourages them to take action. This can be really important for your business because the messaging you use can make or break the user experience. 

Product walkthroughs

Trying to onboard new users to your SaaS product? 

A SaaS copywriter can help you create easy-to-follow product walkthroughs that show users how to use your product and all its great features. They can help you explain how your product solves common problems and highlight its key benefits. This is really important to help new users get the most out of your product and keep them coming back for more. With a SaaS copywriter on your team, you can be sure your product walkthroughs are clear, concise, and effective.

Overall brand narrative 

Wondering what a SaaS copywriter can do for your business as a whole?

Your brand's narrative is crucial in attracting new customers. A SaaS copywriter can assist you in creating a compelling story that will build trust among potential customers and loyal advocates of your company's mission. They have years of experience in crafting brand stories that reflect the core values of your company while also appealing to your target audience.

But before they start writing, make sure you know this too—3 things your copywriter should prepare before writing for SaaS.

Other than writing, what else should a SaaS copywriter do?

Writing alone isn’t the only thing a SaaS copywriter should do—they have several other hats to wear so they effectively ‘copywrite’. Let’s examine other key tasks a SaaS copywriter needs to know. 

They’re also a researcher

Well, one important aspect of a SaaS copywriter’s job is researching. They need to have a deep understanding of the product or service you are writing about. And it all starts with asking the right questions. 

A copywriter for SaaS needs to spend time talking to you and aggressively know about your:

  • Their product (to understand the problem you’re trying to solve)
  • Their customer (to understand who you’re trying to solve it for) 
  • Their company (to understand your value proposition)

It’s the copywriter’s job to verify what makes your SaaS unique—learn your long-term vision and do what you do.

They’re also a strategist

In addition to being a skilled writer, a SaaS copywriter also needs to be a strategist. This means they need to have a good understanding of the company's revenue line—basically, how the company makes money. 

Despite the predictable CTAs, a SaaS copywriter should strategically think about what to use. This is important because the copywriter's job isn't just to write pretty words but to help the company sell its product.

They’re also a collaborator 

A SaaS copywriter may work closely with other SaaS team members to ensure that messaging is consistent across all marketing materials. 

They should also work closely with other members of the SaaS team to make sure that the messages being put out to customers are consistent across all marketing materials. This means that they need to communicate and collaborate effectively with designers, marketers, and other team members to ensure that the message being conveyed is on-point.

For example, they may also collaborate with other departments, such as sales and customer support, to ensure that messaging is consistent across all customer touchpoints.

They're also a designer

We’re not saying that you should now ditch your designer if you have already hired a copywriter for your SaaS. No. A big NO.

It's just that some SaaS copywriters prefer to present their work in wireframes. It's a cleaner and more visual approach to website SaaS copywriting where you can see if the copy fits the overall web design. Wireframing is the process of creating a visual blueprint or schematic of a website or application. 

For more information about wireframes—check out this article we published entitled: Writing SaaS Copy? Here’s Why Wireframing a Website Is Important.

They're also a reporter 

A SaaS copywriter may work with stakeholders to define key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business goals and content marketing strategies. KPIs might include metrics such as website traffic, engagement rates, conversion rates, or social media metrics.

He/she may use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track and analyze data related to content and marketing performance. 

They're also the end user

When a SaaS copywriter writes from the perspective of an end user, they are able to understand better the user's needs, pain points, and motivations. This can help them create messaging and content that is more effective at capturing the user's attention and driving engagement.

When writing as an end user, a SaaS copywriter might ask themselves questions such as:

  •  What problem is the user trying to solve?
  • What are the user's goals?
  • What language and tone will resonate with the user?
  •  What features and benefits are most important to the user?
  • What objections or concerns might the user have?

Another thing, it's best when you're writer personally explores the product to know where a CTA redirects and, thus, the workflows.

If you reach this section, we’d like to congratulate you truly. And we want to answer your possible question earlier. “Why is blog writing among the services of a SaaS copywriter?”

SaaS copywriting vs SaaS content writing

Though we often hear interchangeably that ‘when you need a copy, look for a content writer’ or ‘when you need content, get a copywriter’, the two professions aren't the same.

SaaS copywriting refers to the creation of persuasive and actionable marketing copy that motivates potential customers to take specific actions. SaaS content writing, on the other hand, is the process of making informative and educational content that is meant to help potential customers and establish the company as a leader in the industry.  

Blog posts are part of our SaaS content writing. Also, white papers and case studies.😁

While both SaaS copywriting and SaaS content writing aim to attract and retain customers, they serve different purposes and require different skills. 

We’ve written a blog post about this to clarify our stance—Copywriter vs content writer: Should there be a debate? 

Checklist of qualities to look for when hiring a SaaS copywriter

So if now you're convinced to hire a SaaS copywriter, here's a short checklist of qualities you should look for: 

  • Do You Connect With Them? 

When you're working with a copywriter, it should feel like a natural collaboration between two creative minds. You want to feel connected to them both personally and professionally because clear communication is the key to making any project successful.

So, ask yourself if this person truly gets your ideas and can take your feedback into account, all while bringing their own creative spark to the table. At the end of the day, trust is the cornerstone of a great relationship with your copywriter. You want to know that you can rely on them to deliver quality work that captures your vision and helps you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

  • Do they know your industry language?

It's a good idea to find someone who speaks your industry's language. Look for a writer who knows the ins and outs of SaaS, and who can craft copy that speaks with your target audience—whether simple, full of jargon, or even technical.

They should be familiar with the platforms and tools your company uses, and know their way around popular review sites like Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Reddit. These sites are a goldmine of information about your audience, so finding a copywriter who knows how to tap into that can be a huge asset to your team.

  • Do they help find my unique value proposition?

Most of the time, you start with a value proposition that’s not so unique. YET. When you're looking for a SaaS copywriter, it's important to find someone who can help you clearly articulate your value proposition and communicate it in a way that’ll make you unique in the packed industry.

Because sometimes, what you think is unique really isn't. 😜

  • Do they understand our brand's voice and tone?

A copywriter should be able to capture the voice and tone of your brand and write copy that is consistent with your brand's messaging and positioning.

  • Do they effectively communicate?

Look for a copywriter who is a clear and effective communicator, both in their writing and in their interactions with stakeholders like you. They should be able to explain their ideas and feedback in a way that’s easy to understand.

  • Do they collaborate with you?

You want to find someone who can work well with others. A good copywriter should be able to collaborate effectively with your designers, developers, and product managers.

They should be comfortable giving and receiving feedback and open to making revisions based on stakeholder input. With their skills and expertise, they can help you create a cohesive brand voice that reflects the values and vision of your entire team. 

  • Do they have a process for collecting social proof?

If you're looking for a great SaaS copywriter, consider whether they have a process for gathering social proof. That means things like customer testimonials or case studies that show off the value of your product.

Social proof can be a powerful tool for building credibility and trust with potential customers. It helps show that real people are using and loving your software (and that it's making a real difference in their lives).😊 A good copywriter knows how to weave social proof into their copy in a natural and authentic way.

  • Do they know how to craft copy that motivates your users to act?

When you're on the hunt for a SaaS copywriter, you need someone who can really connect with your target audience. A great copywriter knows how to speak directly to their pain points and motivations—and craft copy that inspires action.

That means using persuasive language and an effective CTA button—a small copy where conversions happen. 

  • Do they present using wireframes?

Look for a copywriter familiar with wireframing and can work with designers to create scannable and visually appealing copy. You want your copy presentations to look professional, eh?

  • Do they ask about your sales process?

If you want to hire a SaaS copywriter who can help you grow your business, make sure they understand your sales process. A great copywriter should be familiar with each stage of the funnel and know how to create copy that supports your efforts at every turn.

  • Does the candidate have an eye for detail and can catch errors and inconsistencies in a copy?

Finally, a copywriter should have an eye for detail and be able to catch the mistakes and inconsistencies in copy. They should be able to proofread and edit their own work—and work with others to ensure that all copy is accurate and consistent.

Hire a SaaS copywriter

So, where do you start when it’s time to hire a SaaS copywriter? Let’s take a look at what you need to know. 

  1. Facebook groups: If you're looking for a SaaS copywriter, Facebook groups can be a great place to start your search. Plenty of groups are dedicated to SaaS and marketing, and they're filled with professionals who specialize in the industry. Some popular groups to check out include SaaS Marketing PH, SaaS Growth Hacks, and Exit Five.  You can post a job listing or ask for recommendations, and you're sure to get a lot of responses from talented copywriters passionate about SaaS. It's a great way to connect with people who really understand your industry.

Here's a dedicated post on the Facebook groups that you might want to visit if you're hiring a SaaS copywriter.

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great platform for finding professional copywriters with experience in the SaaS industry. You can use LinkedIn's search feature to find copywriters who specialize in SaaS or who have experience working with SaaS companies. 

  1. Podcasts: Many SaaS copywriters and other marketing professionals host podcasts where they share their expertise and insights. You can listen to these podcasts to learn more about the industry and to find potential copywriters to work with. 
Of course, you can also use traditional job boards, freelance marketplaces, and referrals from other professionals to find SaaS copywriters. 

But why hire one if you can use ChatGPT?

We directly asked ChatGPT, and here’s its response:

What do you think are the gaps when using it for email, blog, and web copy? Here’s the filter-proof answer of ChatGPT:

While I can generate text that is grammatically correct and coherent, there are still several areas where I may not be the best fit for writing an email, blog, or web copy.

Firstly, as an AI language model, I lack the ability to truly understand human emotions, cultural nuances, and tone. While I can recognize and generate text that adheres to basic rules of grammar and syntax, I may not be able to pick up on the more subtle aspects of language that are crucial for creating an engaging and persuasive copy.

Secondly, I cannot fully understand the context of your specific business or brand. This means that while I can provide general information and guidance on writing, I may not be able to tailor that information to your specific brand voice, target audience, and industry. A human copywriter can take into account these unique factors and write copy that truly resonates with your audience.

Finally, while I can generate text quickly, I may not be able to provide the level of creativity and personalization that a human copywriter can offer. Writing compelling email, blog, or web copy often requires a level of creativity, insight, and strategy that AI language models cannot fully replicate.


So, when it comes to finding a SaaS copywriter, go beyond evaluating their writing ability. Make sure they understand the other hats a SaaS copywriter should wear.

If this sounds like a lot to ask for in one person, don’t be discouraged—there's a good reason why SaaS copywriting agencies exist. 

Like us here in CaaSocio, we have SaaS copywriters that know every copy is more than just writing. Book a call with us, and let's talk. 

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