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Get a steady, profitable, and scalable pipeline of B2B SaaS leads in just 6 months

Convert high-level prospects into $20k+ deals—hire customer acquisition experts for your B2B sales outreach strategy, copy, and content needs. 
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Blindly investing in B2B outreach will drain your resources

If you’re running out of organic leads and referrals, it’s easy to throw cash on new channels, ads and outreach campaigns. 

But when your sales team is stuck with…

❌  a long list of unresponsive “leads”

❌  templated sales scripts 

 unclear selling points in sales decks

It won’t matter if your SaaS is top-notch. Or if you have served big industry clients in the past. 

If you can’t reach your ideal customers, get them on the phone, and demonstrate your value, then you won’t see new money in your account.

Poor targeting, subpar sales decks, and weak sales content = wasted time & money.

Stop investing in B2B outreach campaigns that give you a huge list of leads fast but turn closing deals into a painstakingly looong process. 

With CaaSocio, you’ll get full-service sales & marketing alignment. It's like having your own in-house team without the employee overhead—and the headache of making everyone work together. 

We're the B2B customer acquisition team you wanna be with if you want to get the ROI from your outbound investment— a consistent pipeline of in-market leads who are ready to connect, engage, and buy from you.

Get consistent $20k+ deals for your B2B SaaS

Chances are, you already have a customer acquisition funnel in place. 

We’re not here to replace it. We’re here to make it steady, profitable, and scalable. We’ll help you sell your SaaS even before the demo, so sales will not become so hard. 

Here’s your profitable acquisition roadmap with CaaSocio.

WEEK 1 - 4
WEEK 5 - 12
WEEK 13 - 26
Craft your Acquisition Gameplan
The list is the strategy. 

Unlike other agencies, we start with selling, not brand awareness.

We’ll identify your winning ICPs, build you a human-sourced list of profitable leads, and polish your positioning based on your past sales data.
Find your next $20k deals
We’ll make selling easier.

GTMs fail because of non-existent, unclear, and undifferentiated messaging.

We’ll refine your sales pitch, sales assets, outreach messages, and LinkedIn profiles based on stronger messaging that’s highly tailored to your ICPs.

Then we’ll test it until we get to $20k++ worth of deals.
Create Predictability
Let marketing do the scaling.

62% of B2B buyers engage with 3-7 pieces of content before connecting with a sales rep. 

While outbound is progressing, we’ll create a relevant, expert-sourced, and personalized content strategy that’ll drive more buyers to your calendar.

And then, we’ll work on the next ICP until we help you get to $1M ARR and beyond.
We’d love to see this all happen for you.
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We also offer on-demand product messaging, sales copywriting, and content writing services. Learn more here.
Our B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition agency cares
You probably have a bias for agencies, but we’re different.

We’re more like a group of experts that band together than a rigid, deadline-driven agency that lacks the grit to deliver. Meet us here.

In our client’s words, “You worked with us, like part of our team, not like an outside contractor. It's very rare to find agencies like yours.”

Think of us as your extended B2B sales & marketing team.
Customer Acquisition Solutions for every step of your user journey
Product Messaging
SaaS messaging that accelerates your growth

We find a different and stand out messaging for your product.

  • Develop your USP
  • Match your product messaging with ideal customers
  • Test this message with actual target market
Long-form blog posts that capture best-fit leads

Scale your content strategy with high-quality posts that…

  • Have perspectives tailored to your product messaging
  • Contain expert quotes or originally-sourced data
  • In-depth with unique insights
SaaS emails that activate users and up your MRR

Hire SaaS experts to handle your email marketing

  •  Uncover insights & triggers
  • Strategize email funnel and write copy
  • Launch and optimize
Website copy that hooks visitors so they sign up

We position your SaaS as the clear choice for customers you want to attract.

  • Polish your positioning
  • Craft your message & web structure
  • Work with your designers
If you choose Caasocio as your Partner ...

Hiring from marketplaces

  • May not have B2B SaaS experience. Not aware of how sophisticated SaaS sales & marketing are
  • Hiring individual freelancers and in-house folks who tend to think about sales and marketing as two completely different engines
  • Losing money on sales & marketing channels without getting the ROI you want

Hiring CaaSocio

  • Proven B2B sales & marketing frameworks for SaaS companies (backed by 10+ years of combined SaaS experience)
  • Our team has spot-on sales-marketing alignment— we understand the symbiosis between the two so you’ll enjoy seamless communication & collaboration with us
  • Profit-focused strategy that will give you a clear, cohesive, and sustainable foundation for your present and future campaigns
Every project starts at $1500
It may be a combination of B2B campaign strategy, B2B outreach, product messaging, emails, blog posts, social content, and ads.
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