Nice to meet you, Founder!
We’re an e-Estonia-based team of Filipino SaaS copywriters who ‘get’ tech, marketing, and the founder life.
You’re ALL IN on growing your SaaS.

We'll make sure you win by getting your copy on point.

CaaSocio who?

There are 1,000s of copywriters out there, but only a few have proven experience in the SaaS space.

You can say CaaSocio houses a few of these SaaS copywriter unicorns. 🦄

CaaSocio is co-founded by Filipinas, Sarah and Aiza.

About Sarah:

  • SaaS founder of a tech in the eye care vertical
  • Based in Estonia, the very place where Skype, Wise(TransferWise), and other unicorns are born
  • Enjoys nature walks every day with her 2 lovely daughters
  • Experienced entrepreneur from the tropics and married to a software developer

About Aiza:

  • Spent 5 years as an in-house marketer and copywriter for a SaaS team
  • Ex-engineer who used to earn a living testing silicon chips during the day and writing copy at night
  • Started writing drip emails back when Intercom was just 4 yrs old
  • Married to a product engineer
CaaSocio (said as “Kasosyo”) is a Filipino word that means “partners” — your copywriting partners for your SaaS.
Why CaaSocio?
Our Mission
Help 1,000 SaaS founders attract their dream customers with the right message so they can grow quickly.
Our Vision
Give promising SaaS a competitive edge to succeed with our committed team of world-class Filipino SaaS copywriters and service providers*.

*We have a vetted network of other Filipino SaaS service providers (other than copywriters), available when you need them.
Meet your CaaSocio partners
Sarah Michelle Arjasepp
Managing Partner
Aiza Coronado Domingcil
Founding Partner & Copy Chief
Mary Jane Robido
Lead Generation Strategist
Irish Foja
Work with copywriters with SaaS experience
We’re available 2x a week to talk to founders looking to grow.