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Meet our Founders

Sarah Michelle Arjasepp
Managing Partner
  • SaaS founder of health-tech in the eye care vertical
  • Based in Estonia, the very place where Skype, Wise(TransferWise), and other unicorns are born
  • Enjoys nature walks every day with her 2 lovely daughters
  • Experienced entrepreneur from the tropics and married to a software developer
Aiza Coronado Domingcil
Founding Partner & Copy Chief
  • 2x SaaS Marketing Manager
  • Spent 6 years as an in-house marketer and copywriter for a SaaS team
  • Ex-engineer who used to earn a living testing silicon chips during the day and writing copy at night
  • Started writing drip emails back when Intercom was just 4 yrs old
  • Married to a product engineer & constantly negotiating with her son
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