Hire Your Next SaaS Copywriter: Top 7 Facebook Groups to Find Them
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December 1, 2021
Hire Your Next SaaS Copywriter: Top 7 Facebook Groups to Find Them

You know SaaS copywriters can whip up great copy that can convert new visitors into paying subscribers. Or up your engagement in your website.

Take Redtrack.io’s case for example. They hired a group of SaaS copywriters to optimize the copy (microcopy) of their chat messages. The result? They saw 3x engagement in just a week.

The real challenge is where to hire copywriters that can bring in the results. 

Some try their luck on online marketplace for freelancers. But there is no 100% guarantee on it. See this.


Then here comes the idea of using the largest social platform. 81% say Facebook career pages are a great source for job opportunities.

So, today we cover the top 7 Facebook Groups where you can hire your next copywriter. 

Why should I find my next copywriter on Facebook?

The answer is simple. Facebook is the largest social platform today — with over 2 billion active users. And a billion of them participate in Facebook groups. 

LinkedIn, the platform for active job seekers, has 610 million monthly active users. It is quite less compared to FB users. 

Therefore, it is more likely that you reach more talents in FB. Including those who don’t actively use LinkedIn to search for a job.

Here are other great reasons to search via FB Groups:

  • They are usually vetted by other founders already
  • They let you network faster with your ideal candidates
  • They will save you money on posting jobs 

Top 7 Facebook Groups where you can hire your next SaaS Copywriter

  1. SaaS Marketing PH

SaaS Marketing PH is an Interactive support group for Filipino SaaS service providers and Startups. You’ll find copywriters, community managers, and KB specialists in this group.

Admins: CaaSocio, Aiza Coronado, Sarah Michelle Cairo-Arjasepp,  Mary Robido,  John Augustine Tan

  1. SaaS Growth Hacks

SGH is a community of SaaS founding partners, CEOs, and industry professionals. The group helped thousands start, scale, and run their SaaS businesses.

Admins: Aaron S. Krall, Binu Francis, Gabe Arnold, SGH Crew

  1. SaaS Products & Marketing

Short description: A group created for Saas entrepreneurs, marketers, or consultants where members exchange tips, strategies, and case studies.

Admins: Tomer Aharon, Gal Dubinski, Poptin

  1. Jarvis Official Community

This group is dedicated to bringing together users of Jarvis. A place to encourage each other on the journey of using AI. 

Admins: Jarvis, Dave Rogenmoser, Chris Hull, Megan Johnson, Austin Distel, James Morgan, John Philip Morgan, Becky Samuels, Ryan Ferrer

  1. SaaS Founders - Build & Scale by UserActive.io 🚀

UserActive.io specializes in UX/UI design, allowing companies to create user-friendly interfaces for their products. They created the group so SaaS founders can learn from each other and share tips on scaling a SaaS business.

Admins: Peter Loving, Pedro Aires, Sandra Stojanović

  1. The Copywriter Club

Exclusive for copywriters. This group aims to provide tips on crafting better copy. Also includes job opportunities for members.

Admin: The Copywriter Club, Rob Marsh, Brandon Burton, Kira Hug

  1. DGMG

If you signed up for a membership to DGMG, then you can join this group. This is where Dave Gerhardt posts all of his fresh marketing insights.

Admins: Dave Gerhardt, George Chunias, Danielle Hope Diamond, Katrina Colar, Brito, Chrissy Mais

But wait, aren’t they expensive?

To begin with, copywriting rates are not standard.  They can charge:

  • per-word
  • per-hour
  • per-project

And each copywriter sets a price based on the value of their skill.

Some factors you need to consider are:

  • Your deliverables
  • Their Experience
  • Their knowledge of the subject
  • Your deadline

It’s more expensive to hire experts who have a proven track record of success, but the results they will deliver are worth far more than what they cost.

Hiring your next SaaS Copywriter on Facebook

Finding the right copywriter takes time and effort. Fortunately, most Facebook Groups are free to join and explore. And they just might be where your next SaaS copywriter hangs out. 

So, if you’re looking for a copywriter who can take your SaaS to greater heights,  check out the list of Facebook groups above. 

Or if you don't want to sift through several Facebook groups, you can get access to our seasoned SaaS copywriters with one call.

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