SaaS Copywriting Tips That Will Get You Started
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December 1, 2021
SaaS Copywriting Tips That Will Get You Started

I get it.

It’s hard to write copy, especially for SaaS as it’s such a unique niche.


And yet, there are only a few searching for who can do SaaS copywriting for them.

Every SaaS company needs copywriters.


A compelling website? A copy can draw 7.8 times more site traffic, as well as produce brand recall, which raises engagement rates.

Unfortunately, not every SaaS company has the budget to hire full-time writers, which means these entrepreneurs must either do the writing themselves or find a freelancer.

While there are awesome SaaS marketers out there who can write copy in their sleep, most aren't copywriters by trade. If you’re one, you have to first learn even just the basics of copywriting.

And today is your lucky day because we’re covering the SaaS copywriting tips that will help you get at least an email or single web page of copy out.

Ready? Here’s an overview :)


What Makes SaaS Copywriting Unique?

SaaS Copywriting Tips from CaaSocio

  1. Determine who your target audience is
  2. Keep a list of the words used in the niche
  3. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  4. Do a keyword research 
  5. Base your copy around your customer’s feedback

 Bonus SaaS Copywriting Tips from CaaSocio! Optimize your landing page

What makes SaaS copywriting unique?

The SaaS market is unique. That means SaaS copywriting is unique. Here are few things that make SaaS copywriting different:

  • They are newer compared to other niches like online retail or lifestyle products. They don't have years of success behind them to draw from when writing sales copy. So the copywriters have to be flexible and willing to try new approaches.
  • They often sell via the web portal. When you sell a service, you're selling an ongoing relationship with your customer for recurring income. You need to build trust and credibility before the prospect will part with their hard-earned cash (and it'll take more than one sale).
  • They are usually high-ticket, enterprise sales. Most SaaS companies are at the top of their game and they've got big budgets. They're the ones that can afford to spend on it. SaaS copywriters need to be able to interact with them like a partner or consultant, not just a salesman.

If you plan to start writing for your SaaS today, start here. We offer you some pointers from our pool of SaaS copywriters from CaaSocio.

SaaS Copywriting Tips from CaaSocio

#1 Determine who your target audience is

When you first decided to make your SaaS tool, you knew someone who would surely benefit from it, didn't you? They are your audience. And you are trying to solve their pain points. Let alone achieve their goal.  

Strive to develop products that speak specifically to a target audience. For example, you can't sell SaaS software for small businesses if your product doesn't cater to the needs of small businesses. 

#2 Keep a list of the words used in the niche

If there are specific words used in your niche (SaaS), take note of it. For a more holistic approach, why not create a glossary to keep track of them all?

Example words include “SaaS”, ”Service”  and " Solutions". When writing promotional content – including your landing page or in-app copy – make sure to incorporate these terms into your messages. Using the right language on your landing page is critical to convincing prospects that you are an authority in your field.

#3 Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique selling propositions or USPs are what sets apart a product from the competition. You see, if prospects clearly see your unique selling proposition, you will usually see a noticeable increase in revenue.

So what makes you stand out? How do you position the unique value of your tool in a way that speaks to the visitor? SaaS copywriting sets your service apart from the competition. While trying to figure out, ask yourself:

  • Why should prospects choose you over other SaaS providers? 
  • What is it that ONLY you can offer that they can't find anywhere else? 

Defining your USP is critical to your marketing success – especially if there are competitors that offer similar SaaS features.

#4 Do a keyword research  

As far as writing is concerned, keywords remain the most important. Doing keyword research will help you understand what words are being used in the SaaS niche that is generating demand.

You can choose to aim for long-tail searches. These keywords can bring a lot of high-converting traffic to your website and boost your revenue. Just find long-tail keywords that mean something to your target audience, and you have a chance to rank for them.

#5 Base your copy around your customer’s feedback

Your reviews are like a gold mine for the copy. If you're struggling to write, read your customers' reviews. It's usually your customers who see the value of your product the best. 

A good place to find copy are review sites like Capterra and G2Crowd. Here are examples. We used Hubspot in this case:


Bonus tips! Optimize your landing page 

After figuring out what your prospects want, it's crucial that you actually optimize your landing page (SaaS website copywriting) to meet their expectations. Take some time to research your target market and make sure the copy on the page addresses their concerns specifically.


  • Clearly state what your SaaS does in your title

Does your headline represent the best of what you have to offer? Make your headlines memorable and easy to understand. An effective landing page headline represents what your SaaS does. It’s like a promise of the website clustered in a few words.

Make it big, strong, and clear.

  • Include images to illustrate your USP 

A web page of plain black and white is just boring. Add images to your SaaS landing pages to better communicate what your SaaS does. Sometimes people don’t read but when your page is visually appealing they might at least read your caption.  

  • Keep your USP above the fold

Sales copy is unlikely short. When your visitors scroll your landing page, make sure that your USP is clearly reflected above the fold — your top page. And if possible, include this before the first call-to-action (CTA) button.

  • Keep in mind the Rule of 3

It's good practice to group ideas in threes.  The layout is pleasing to the eye, it's easy to follow, and it is noticeable that it doesn't take much time to read. Hence yes, proven to be quite effective, not only in copywriting but also in marketing and sales.


  • Format your body copy to be scanned

The majority of people are scanners, so write to them. Almost no visitor reads your page word per word. In reality, only about 10% of readers scroll to the bottom of what they read. You have to format your copy that even the busiest person can comprehend. 

The copy you would like most of your visitors to notice first should be larger, brighter, and more obvious. 

  • CTAs are accessible

Visitors should know what to do when they land on your page. Don’t hide your CTA button. Make sure that all of your call-to-actions are visible on every sales page. Whenever you create a SaaS copy, break it up into sections with a call-to-action on each. However, there should only be one offer and one action. 

Ideally, the CTA should be above the fold, next to the headline. SaaS visitors will convert more frequently if they don't have to scroll as much.

  • Add keywords but don’t overstuff

A good strategy is to use keywords wisely, rather than just stuffing them into the copy. This practice was once acceptable, but not today. Make sure the copy sounds as natural as possible.

  • Write before you optimize

If you want to write copy, start writing first, then optimize. There is no writer who is perfect from the get-go. Optimizing your copy after writing it is the most practical approach. 


SaaS is a specialized market. If it’s hard to understand what you serve, there’s no point in launching your awesome product. Provide a good copy.  Content that will help your customers understand the value of your product or services — easy to digest.  

SaaS writing can do that. Learning the basics of copywriting for SaaS will help get you started. Connect and communicate with your audience.

Here again, are the SaaS copywriting Tips for getting started. 

  • Determine who your target audience is
  • Keep a list of the words used in the niche
  • Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Do a keyword research 
  • Base your copy around your customer’s feedback

Or if you’d like our help — our copywriters are experts at creating compelling copy. Name it! Emails? Landing pages? UX microcopy/In-app messages

Let us help you with SaaS copywriting.


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