Hire SaaS experts to handle your email marketing

Email marketing is quite hard to figure out. This is why you're here: you're looking for ways to increase your MRR, trials, and demos using emails. We sure can.
Our Work
Emails that’ll make your pricey automation tool worth it
New MRR month after month
Marketing emails sent
Proven SaaS email frameworks
Your sales, on autopilot.
Email Marketing Solutions for your SaaS
Do you stop sending after the “your trial has expired” emails?
email marketing
We have a lot to work on then!

We’ve built SaaS 365, an email framework with evergreen flows, seasonal campaigns, and behavior-triggered ideas to help you sell your SaaS all year round—without annoying your list of course!  

Our clients agree:

We lacked a proper onboarding series of emails and you guys helped us built a really good one.” - Baris Ergin, DirectIQ

To sell your SaaS, we'll strategize your entire email funnel, help segregate your list, write & even implement your emails. (We’ll have to check your email platforms though).

Why us?
A SaaS email specialist is rare, but we’ve got a team of them…

Your email campaigns without CaaSocio 😕

  • Clueless of how to build, write, and implement a complete (and working) SaaS email marketing funnel
  • Sending ZERO nurture or promotional campaigns and failing to convert that list into revenue
  • Flooding users with irrelevant emails because segments, triggers, and flows are hard to figure out

Your emails with CaaSocio 🥰

  • Get a complete SaaS email framework that has brought in up to $50k new MRR month after month
  • Cost-effective and multi-platform email setup that works together (good for your budget too!)
  • Emails sent to the right user at the right time, making you earn their trust
Our Process
Emails without strategy is a waste of time. Here’s what we’ll do…
Uncover insights
We'll first do an audit on what you're currently sending and what works.

We'll also uncover how your users convert, what are your best-converting features, use cases, and everything that will help us understand your customers & their journey.
Strategize and write
We'll then use CaaSocio Email 365, our proven email framework, and tailor it just for you.

Before we write any email, we'll get your nod on the email flows, topics, and frequency. Once done, we'll send over the emails for your review. We'll revise 2x
Launch and optimize
Next, we'll launch the emails and see the results stream in. Or you can also ask

your in-house team to implement it. We'll help QA everything. We can also optimize your emails moving forward and add newsletters into the mix.
Ready to turn your sleeping list into an MRR generator?
Our SaaS email campaigns start at $2500
Please note that this rate will depend on the scope
of the email campaigns that you want us to work on.
If your emails are not generating $$$ while you sleep, let’s talk
We've got samples upon request.
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