3 Things Your Copywriter Should Prepare Before Writing for SaaS
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Jennifer Poblete
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December 1, 2021
3 Things Your Copywriter Should Prepare Before Writing for SaaS

Are you writing a copy for your SaaS? Mind you that SaaS copywriting is not easy as it seems. It is not just about writing words. Not without a proper process that is. So Before writing for SaaS, should you or your writer be extra prepared?

Yes and No. You need copywriters who prepare these three important things:(1)proper STRATEGY, (2) smart POSITIONING, and (3) clear MESSAGING. But this is not going the extra mile for copywriters. This is just a "must-have'. You see these three elements of copywriting have an important relationship with each other.


Copywriting for SaaS is increasing. In fact, the niche is expected to grow vastly by 2022. That is more the reason why SaaS founders like you only need a writer who delivers results. According to a survey, 49% of users buy due to great customer experience a.k.a user onboarding.

But wait, just to be clear, copywriting is not for emails alone. Add web copy, blog, product descriptions, landing pages, in-app copy, and the likes. You get the idea.

Before we dive in more, you need to first fully understand what SaaS copywriting is. At the end of this post, you will understand that a good copywriter takes ample time before writing for SaaS.



  1. What is SaaS copywriting?
  2. Why is SaaS copywriting important?
  3. 3 Things to Prepare Before Writing for SaaS

             3.1 Strategy

             3.2 Positioning

             3.3 Messaging

  1. Why is it important for SaaS copywriters to know about this strategy?
  2. The CaaSocio Process


What is SaaS copywriting?

SaaS copywriting is no other than writing for SaaS. It is a form of writing that aims to engage your non-users to ultimately buy your product. It is a great way to help your customers understand why they need your product- and at what price you're offering it.

After reading your sales page or emails, SaaS copywriters draw in new customers who might just be: 

  • on the fence about signing up for your service
  • skeptical about the value of your product
  • busy and forgot your tool

You can say that copywriters work like a shopping mall sales lady guiding you through the aisles inside the department store. You get to hear a lot of compliments and why a product is so good.

You might just be surprised by the simplicity of copywriting. But until you do the copy you will never realize that there should be a process to the practice.

Why is SaaS copywriting important?

Simple, you like your visitors to convert into paying customers. Without good copywriting, your SaaS tends to be somehow forgettable. Unless your visitors freaking needs your product from the get-go, no visitors will pay attention to your boring product descriptions.

Only a well-crafted copy has the power to move your user’s mind into buying. You must always be aware that fierce competition happens around the web market.


3 Things to Prepare Before Writing for SaaS

Copywriting is not science nor art only. It is both art and science. You need copywriters that are creative enough to write your copy backed by factful metrics. The ultimate framework of writing relates to identifying these 3 important factors.

  1. Strategy

Copywriters must first identify the strategy to use for your SaaS copy. Strategy is your unique take on the market. 

To do this, your hired writer must know who your target audience is. It is important that your company do a segment of the market. This is proven to be much more effective than servicing the general public.

Then SaaS copywriters need specific visualization of the audience’s exact pain that your product can solve. SaaS copywriters highlight how your product alleviates the situation your users are in. 

After, you need to be clear with your value proposition. Ask yourself, “What is my end goal?” Your SaaS writers should know your advantage over other competitors. 

These will compose the first preparation: knowing the proper strategy.

  1. Positioning

This is the second thing to identify- your smart positioning in the market.  Your full basis of the content strategy. 

To identify the position, you can answer this question, “How do I want my product to be remembered?” SaaS copywriters should clarify this since the overall context strategy is built around this.  

  1. Messaging

The product of copywriters is (of course) the third to be identified, the messaging. This is the copy. 

After a thorough study of the strategy + positioning, only then should a copywriter write. It involves keyword research and the overall content. As for the case of a homepage copy, this will every day resonate with your voice.

The words crafted by copywriters best answer “what’s in it for me?”. Only then will your visitors see the real value of what you try to sell.


Why is it important for SaaS copywriters to know about this before writing?

The truth is every marketing practice of your SaaS needs copywriters. The copywriters who write without a strategy and positioning produce a copy that fails. 

It takes time before clearly identifying the strategy and positioning. Eventually, it takes longer to finally start your copy.

Remember that without the two, messaging is ineffective. Just imagine going to a beautiful resort without a map. You end up going to places but not your target destination.

The CaaSocio Process

Right after you hire us, we [CaaSocio] don’t write immediately. Understanding your SaaS is at the top of the checklist. To implement the process, the following steps are done:

  1. Interview a.k.a the kickoff call
  2. Define customer persona
  3. Establish the strategy and positioning
  4. Create the copy- messaging starts
  5. Revision (if needed) then launch to live
  6. Outsource your SaaS copywriting.


A clear marketing strategy is the most important thing you can have if you want to be successful in digital marketing. It helps with everything from positioning to messaging that converts people into customers. Creating a positioning and messaging plan without the proper strategy will not have the same impact.

That explains why here at CaaSocio, copywriters don’t start writing a new copy for a client until after they’ve had an initial consultation with us. We’ll get all of these details sorted out before we even touch your website so that there are no surprises when it comes time to execute our plan!

So to round up, make sure you have alignment: Strategy-Positioning-Messaging. It takes time building the relationship of the three but it is worthwhile. If there is no clear strategy and positioning, the messaging will not clearly explain what it intends to deliver. 


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