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Even some of the greatest blog writers don’t get SaaS long-form writing. And if you’re a SaaS founder or CMO, you’ll have to generate content strategy on top of worrying about the writing quality.

With CaaSocio, you won’t need to worry about it. We’re strategists, subject matter experts, and hands-on marketers (most of us are ex-in house SaaS team members). NO need to write a super detailed brief if you wish. Because we get SaaS. 

Past clients just give us the keywords, and we do the hard part—doing the outline, finding the marketing angle that supports your product positioning, and even sourcing original research, quotes, and data to support the arguments.

We’ll help you scale your content without getting overwhelmed. Ranking on Google is just a bonus!

Our Process
Scale your content without compromising quality in 3 simple steps.
Trial Post
We'll start with a trial post so you get a feel if we're the right fit. 
Write more content
We'll then create more blogs for you. If you want, we’ll also help you write microcontent so you share  it via email, socials, or discussions sites.
Focus on traffic
Relax and focus on polishing your strategy and distributing content. 
Ready to reach a wider audience and convert them?
Our blog content services starts at $1,500/month
Please note that this is a ballpark figure and we’ll adjust our rates accordingly, depending on your needs (i.e., expert quotes, surveys, interviews, etc).
Why us?
So you can share content you’ll be proud of

Your blog without Caasocio 😕

  • Posting generic content that every competitor has already written about
  • Getting stressed out editing, or worse, redoing  long-form blogs posts that take ALL your time
  • Stuck with users who are not ready to buy from you

Your blog with Caasocio 🥰

  • Produce high-quality content that resonates with your target market, no matter which part of the user journey they’re in.
  • Relieved to find SaaS writers who’ll outline and write meaty content that’s publish-ready (we have in-house editors)
  • Target keywords that have actual impact on revenue growth
Get blog content you're NOT embarrassed to share
Let's start with a trial blog and see how it goes.
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