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Empower GmbH

We needed a copywriter who can help us restructure and reword our solution pages. So we searched on Google for a SaaS copywriter and found CaaSocio. They were very professional, provided us high-quality work, and very friendly and reliable.

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We know our products, especially Queue. But we are not very clear in understanding what they do and what problems they solve - we saw it was very important for you to get that first, and understand it well.

After working with CaaSocio, landing pages are clear and structured in the way we wanted. It was clear for designers to pick up the work and proceed with designs.

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We lacked a proper onboarding series of emails and you guys helped us built a really good one.

CaaSocio worked with us, like part of our team, not like an outside contractor. It's very rare to find agencies like yours.

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The Wine Club Site

WineClubSite is a club management software that helps wine club owners stay on top of their monthly releases—even if their members pick custom selections every release. They make sure that no wine gets left behind!

Now that they’ve found product-market fit, they needed to revamp their website to reflect what they’re currently doing, who they’re serving best, and what makes them different from the other wine club tools. 

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RedTrack.io is a conversion attribution tool that helps you track, manage, and optimize both ad and affiliate campaigns.

When we optimized the copy of their chat messages, they instantly saw 3x engagement in just a week. Not only that, all those visitors shared their names and emails and engaged in meaningful conversations with the RedTrack team.

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Oneoffice is a time-tracking tool that doesn’t take screenshots. It only takes selfies when employees do time in’s and time-outs. It also offers task assignments, end-of-day reports, and more.

The tool is already stable and is used by established businesses in the Philippines. Kernan, the founder, wanted to launch on Appsumo to expand their userbase and get more feedback on their tool.

But before doing that, he wanted to make sure that they’re clearly explaining what the tool does on their website.

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