Sometimes, You Don’t Need a New Positioning. You Just Need to Hire SaaS Copywriters Who Can Deliver Results
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April 27, 2023
Sometimes, You Don’t Need a New Positioning. You Just Need to Hire SaaS Copywriters Who Can Deliver Results

One role of your hired SaaS copywriter is to justify your positioning or help you find a new, better value proposition that’ll make your SaaS unique.

Just look at how our SaaS copywriting agency did this:

While the client's tool was in use, there wasn't a messaging and positioning for the wider market. To help with it, CaaSocio was hired. 

👉And the results are in: We doubled free trial conversions plus increased demo requests and product signups.

BUThere’s a big but ‘coz it’s not always the casesometimes, you don’t need a new positioning

Because really, you just might end up investing in positioning and messaging projects that you won't even use. 

Instead, you just need to hire SaaS copywriters who can be a tangible asset that can be used immediately. Look for a SaaS copywriting team who can do positioning and messaging work WITH deliverables.

This post will explain what we mean. 😊.

What does positioning mean for SaaS?

Positioning refers to the process of defining how a particular SaaS product is distinct from others in the market and how it solves a specific problem for its target customers. It involves identifying the unique selling point of the SaaS with its key features and benefits.

Let's say your SaaS is designed for small businesses to manage their customer relationships and sales pipeline. You’ll need to consider the following factors when positioning it in the market:

  • Comparative analysis of competitors who provide similar features and benefits to SaaS products.
  • The unique features of your product
  • The target audience— in this case, small business owners and sales teams looking for an affordable and easy-to-use CRM solution.

Your positioning statement can then be like, "Our CRM software is designed specifically for small businesses, making it easy to track customer interactions and manage your sales pipeline. Unlike other CRM products, our solution is affordable and requires no technical expertise to use."

Here’s a worthwhile notion:

The positioning statement you develop for your SaaS product is hypothetical yet. Therefore, you should always test your positioning statement against your *Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to ensure it aligns with them. 

So, in short, you need some marketing materials to test. 😊

*ICP is a description of the type of customer that would benefit the most from your SaaS product. 

Can you outsource this to a SaaS copywriting agency?

The short answer is yes. You can certainly outsource your SaaS marketing materials to a specialized agency. But don’t settle for less—you need a SaaS copywriting agency with a team of experienced copywriters capable of handling both messaging and positioning.

And with that, it's important to keep in mind that you should have an internal owner who is responsible for overseeing the project and putting the work into action.

Ideally, the agency you choose should be able to work closely with your internal team to ensure that the messaging they develop aligns with your business goals. It's also a good idea to have someone from the agency who can implement and test the messaging to ensure that it is effective in practice.

Take our CaaSocio co-founder and copy chief, Aiza Coronado, for example. She’s working with one of CaaSocio's clients. 😁 So if there’s anything to accomplish (or even change), she’s managing and implementing the project.

What you need to have before investing in a SaaS copywriter

Before investing in a SaaS copywriter, it is important to have a clear understanding of your brand and business objectives, your target audience, and your messaging strategy.

Once you've identified a potential SaaS copywriting agency to work with, establish clear communication channels and set expectations around deliverables. This involves:

Establishing the project goals 

Defining the project's goals in advance is essential. You may want to improve brand recognition, increase website traffic, or increase conversions. This will help the agency tailor their messaging to align with your goals.

Sharing the idea of your uniqueness

To help the agency understand your product and target audience, you should provide them with background information, such as customer personas, competitive analysis, and marketing materials.

Collaborating on messaging strategy

The agency should work closely with your internal team to develop a messaging strategy that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience. A good strategy will involve research, testing messaging with ICP groups, and refining the messaging until it is effective.

Bonus: Implementing and testing

Once the messaging has been finalized, the agency or someone from your internal team should implement and test it to ensure that it's effective in practice. It may involve A/B testing, tracking conversion rates, and tweaking the messaging over and over again.

So, what do we mean by SaaS copywriters who actually deliver results?

Let’s be clear about this—when we talk about SaaS copywriters, they may be from a SaaS copywriting agency. So, we may use the terms interchangeably.🤭

Okay, simply put, these are SaaS copywriters that can provide you with deliverables, including website copy, email marketing campaigns, and social media content—all of which are aligned with the messaging strategy and positioning.

Take these, for example:

  • The website copy highlights the key features and benefits of your software but also includes messaging that positions your product as the best choice for the market.

  • The email marketing campaigns are designed to nurture leads and drive conversions, with targeted messaging that reinforces the key benefits and positions your product as the solution to the pain points of the target audience.

  • The social media content is engaging and shareable but also reinforces the key messaging and positioning of your product.

They recognize the importance of effective positioning for your product to develop a message that emphasizes your product's advantages.

How CaaSocio can help?

Here at CaaSocio, we’ll work closely with you to better understand your product and target audience before developing the right messaging for you.

Because we believe that “Bad messaging and positioning will only exhaust your time, money, and drive.”

We’ll need a good grasp of the client's messaging, so we can start creating copy that is aligned with the overall strategy. And we’ll collaborate with you closely throughout the writing process. It can include regular check-ins, as well as incorporating feedback from the client into revisions of the copy. This guarantees that the final deliverables meet the client's expectations and that they accurately reflect your messaging strategy and positioning.

We take pride that CaaSocio can do your positioning AND copy in 30 days.

Hire SaaS copywriters who can do positioning and messaging

Effective positioning is crucial for SaaS companies to have clear messaging. However, developing and executing a successful messaging strategy can be challenging. 

So take a good look first if you really do need a new positioning. Because sometimes, you don’t need a new positioning. you just need to hire SaaS copywriters who can deliver results.

Need this kind of SaaS copywriter?

Let’s talk! At CaaSocio, we have deep experience working with SaaS companies to create high-quality copy that resonates with their target audience. If you're looking for a SaaS copywriting agency that can help you refine your messaging and positioning, we'd love to chat. 

Book a call with our team and learn more about our services. 

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