Website Copywriting
The Overview

Oneoffice is a time-tracking tool that doesn’t take screenshots. It only takes selfies when employees do time in’s and time-outs. It also offers task assignments, end-of-day reports, and more.

The tool is already stable and is used by established businesses in the Philippines. Kernan, the founder, wanted to launch on Appsumo to expand their userbase and get more feedback on their tool.

But before doing that, he wanted to make sure that they’re clearly explaining what the tool does on their website.

The Challenge

While the tool is already stable and used by many, it was intended just for Kernan’s existing clients from his other businesses. It wasn’t really a standalone product that they’ve been actively marketing.

That said, it was a bit challenging because:

  • There was no clear selling proposition for the larger market yet.
  • The tool is quite mature and is jam-packed with lots of helpful features that go beyond time-tracking.
  • There were only a few clients to get feedback from.
  • The first few users have a different demographic from the Appsumo audience.
The Solution

To develop the messaging and positioning that will resonate with the target audience, we:

  • Sat down on 2+ strategy sessions to talk about the customers, the other time tracking apps, the market pains, and more
  • Did a competitor analysis to compare the features, target clients, and core message
  • Asked Kernan what inspired him to build the tool
  • Reached out to his best customers via a survey and asked how the tool made their lives better

This way, we make the SaaS different from the rest of the competitors.

The Result

All 12 pages were delivered on time and received the green light to go live before their INBOUND 2016 conference.

  • We doubled free trial conversions
  • Demo requests increased by 35%
  • Product signups increased by 27%

Visit the Oneoffice website and experience it for yourself.

"I was about to launch an Appsumo campaign for my SaaS. We already have existing users and the platform is working smoothly already. But I felt like our copy could be better.

CaaSocio was able to assist in creating a great copy for the website and the Appsumo page.

Months after the launch, my SaaS is now a rising star in the AppSumo Marketplace."

— Kernan Motoomull
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