All the SaaS emails you need to get more trials, demos, and paying users
We’ve got frameworks and we’ll happily walk you through it.
You know you need emails

It’s just a matter of finding an experienced copywriter who understands your persona’s customer journey and can create behavioral-based drips for each. Somebody who can easily grasp how your product works.

And if you’re honest, you’re also secretly hoping to get some advice on which email automation platform to use or switch to.

Good thing you’re here.

We’re not only copywriters, but we’re strategists who know automation and SaaS-friendly email platforms.

Emails without strategy is a waste of time. Here’s what we’ll do…
Uncover insights
On our first call, we’ll talk about your current users (and your favorite customers), where they’re stuck, objections you encountered, features they love, use cases, how you closed your paying users, and more. We’ll download the key info from you so we have a solid foundation for our research.
Do additional research
Now, we’ll do a little more digging. We’ll gather the reviews on your product and from fellow competitors if necessary. And whenever possible, we’d love to get our hands on case studies, past email campaigns, and sales call recordings (if you’re comfortable sharing).
Strategize and write
We’ll then use our proven email framework and tailor it just for you. Before we write any email, we’ll get your nod on the entire email flow, the topics for each email, and the frequency for each email. Once done, we’ll send over the emails for your review. We’ll edit as needed.
Email services we can help you with:
1. SaaS Onboarding Emails
Convert free trials into paying users with relevant emails that land in their inbox at the right time. This feels less spammy, so users move right to the next micro-step, making them experience the value of your app, asap!
2. Nurture emails
Got a list of prospects who downloaded your ebook, booked a demo or signed up for your free trial but never converted? Don’t give up on them. Most of the time, they’re a few nurture emails away from finally converting.
3. Outreach emails
Who says people hate LinkedIn InMails and cold emails? They won't reply unless they need you. That’s why we’ll reach out to the right people with the right message at the right time. Last time we did it, our client closed $13k in just 2 weeks.
Let’s talk. We’ll make your email funnel work for you 24/7.
We’ll share the framework during the call and send the email strategy after a few days.