Why SaaS Businesses Need In-app Messaging?
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Jennifer Poblete
Last updated
December 1, 2021
Why SaaS Businesses Need In-app Messaging?

I’ll let you in a not-so-secret marketing strategy that successful SaaS founders use, in-app messaging!


In-app messages are the most popular way to communicate with your customers. The average user gets 32% of their messages from inside an app. 

So your SaaS made it in converting visitors to subscribers. Good job! But don’t forget that the churn rate exists. You cannot just leave a subscriber unattended or else they’ll end up in your unsubscription list. 

Marketing doesn’t stop at conversion. Truth is, you will have to inform/guide (and eventually upsell) your user for as long as they are using your service. And though, you provide highly efficient emails, some are left unread.

In this case, the most effective strategy you can use is in-app messages. 


  • What is in-app messaging?
  • Examples of successful in-app campaigns
  • What does it do for my business?
  • Why should I use in-app to grow my business?
  • Is my business in-app ready?

What is in-app messaging?

To simplify things, in-app notifications are just messages your users receive INSIDE your website. Hence, they are targeted notifications that only users inside your app will receive. These pop-ups are harder to ignore since they ‘pop up’ on the screen while your users use them.

In-apps are a great way for you to provide personalized alerts, reminders, announcements, or just say 'thank you to your users. These notifications appear based on your user’s behavior. They're a great way for customers who have forgotten something on your site to easily get reminders delivered straight to their door!

There are two distinctions between the in-app notifications that you can implement.

  1. In-app messaging-these are usually from a vendor to users, like a broadcast announcement or an advertisement. These messages rarely get an engagement from users besides default reactions. The main target of in-app messaging is ‘to inform'.
  2. In-app chat - these are your interactive connection and communication between a vendor and its users. During initial onboarding, users may pile up inquiries that need a prompt response from your business support. Chat widgets are the most common indicator. 

Examples of successful in-app campaigns

Successful in-app campaigns are the best way for startups to generate growth. However, regardless of your SaaS status, in-apps have been proven to be efficient. Some example of SaaS using in-apps are:

  • A simple in-app post (popup window) is used by HubSpot to broadcast a product feature. The post confirms the date, time, and time zone, and assures users the email can still be edited or canceled after it has been scheduled.

  • Webflow keeps all its users updated on its new features and fixes by using in-app posts. Since in-apps are shown within the app (or by activity), the open rate of this kind of messaging is higher. 

  • Intercom’s in-app chat allows users to start a live conversation with real support agents. By answering the customer’s query in real-time, it increases engagement (and sometimes conversion).

Another good example here is RedTrack.io who instantly saw 3x engagement in just a week after optimizing their in-app copy and message positioning —Identified the key pages that generate traffic, made sure that RedTrack is asking the right questions on these key pages to start a conversation, and created a follow-up email sequence to the audience who interacted with the chatbot.

How does in-app work?

In-app messaging allows you to engage with your current and potential customers in a more personal way, without having them leave the app. You can remind people about special deals or events they may have missed out on while not forcing anything down their throats!

In-Apps are an excellent tool for businesses of any size because it helps users stay engaged with what's going on inside your company that might otherwise be lost if all communication was done outside the App experience. It also prevents customer fatigue from too many email messages coming at once.

Why should I use in-app to grow my business?

In-app messaging and chat are great ways to grow your business. It allows you the flexibility of targeting active to dormant subscribers by providing a more personal, convenient engagement.

While your customer is technically outside your business, your app is the best tool to communicate with them. You can offer coupons, answers to FAQs, give features information, give demos, etc. Also, enabling live chat on your website sends your customers an impression that you care so much about them that you offer live support through the website.

Is my SaaS in-app ready?

Now that you know why SaaS businesses need in-app messaging, it is likely that you first identify your business assets.

  • Web traffic. Are you gaining enough that you can leverage a chat widget on your homepage?
  • Live Support. Do I have a support team that is ready to answer my customer’s queries?

Answered yes to all? Way to go! You are qualified to implement in-app chats. Otherwise, maybe a support page is adequate to answer their most probable roadblocks in your SaaS.

In-app messaging, on the other hand, is easier for you to implement. If your business has a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP), you only need to schedule to post in-app messages. Have an important announcement for your users? Use in-apps. Implements product tours? Use in-apps. Broadcasting product updates? Use in-apps.

This type of messaging can be used infinitely but strategically. Your messages' positioning is as important as how they are written to make sure your recipients do not become overwhelmed. 


In-apps are considered an app user’s digital equivalent to the ‘warm-up’ or ‘hello’ that greets you on your local train in the morning. You can take advantage of your customer's actions to create value. If you’re looking for a way to increase your app conversions and engagement with customers—in-app campaigns are the way to go. It takes time, effort, and know-how but it has proven results. 

Creating a successful in-app campaign is not as simple as you perceive it to be. The most important thing that you need to have is patience since these types of marketing efforts can [SOMETIMES] take months before they start seeing any significant return on investment. 

Implementing an in-app campaign will give you a better understanding of what works best for your business as well as help produce more revenue from less work than other forms of digital advertising. It may require lots of planning, creative thinking, and marketing savvy—all of which our team here at CaaSoCio.

Let us help you create the perfect strategy to get your message out there. Contact our experts today for more information about how we can make it happen together.

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