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When we optimized the copy of their chat messages, they instantly saw 3x engagement in just a week. Not only that, all those visitors shared their names and emails and engaged in meaningful conversations with the RedTrack team.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges they have, according to Vlad (RedTrack’s CEO), is the lack of message positioning. 

It was something that they always tested in their e-mails messages and live chat alerts. Even though it was working, they knew it could be better.

The Solution

We knew that it’s not enough to have a decent website these days. People are busier than usual and most of the time, they want to talk to a real person even before they sign up. 

Since RedTrack already has a chat widget on their homepage, we made use of that to generate more leads.


  • Identified the key pages that generate traffic
  • Made sure that we’re asking the right questions on these key pages to start a conversation
  • Created a follow-up email sequence to the audience who interacted with the chatbot
The Result

Just a week after the new in-app copy was implemented, they were able to see 3x more engagement from web visitors. 

Plus, they did not only get more names and emails, but they found themselves having more meaningful conversations with quality prospects.

Vlad was happy with our chat copy and emails. They wanted to re-use some of the copy in their Facebook ad and other email sequences. Hoped that brought in more conversions as well!

"One of the major challenges that I think we have is the lack of message positioning. It is something we always tested on our e-mails messages and live chat alerts. It was working but we knew it could be better.

When we hired CaaSocio to write our in-app copy for our website, we instantly got 3x engagement through on-site live chat in just a week. What was even more surprising — we got all those visitors sharing their names and emails with us and engaging in meaningful conversations.

We can’t wait to see the results when we start implementing the emails that they wrote for us."

— Vlad Zhovtenko
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