How an Acquisition Copywriter Can Help Solve Your B2B Outreach Problems
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Jennifer Poblete
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January 24, 2024
How an Acquisition Copywriter Can Help Solve Your B2B Outreach Problems

Cold outreach is a major part of many acquisition B2B strategies. And these statistics explain why:

  • cold calls bring in 36% of B2B sales in 2023
  • prospecting via email delivers excellent ROI for 72% of businesses

✋But before you ask your SDR to reach that telephone or your marketer to craft the email copy, there’s a “not-so-good” finding that you should be aware of, too:

90% of B2B decision-makers don’t respond to cold outreach anymore!

So, it’s safe to say that B2B outreach isn’t easy. ☹️

A typical SaaS copywriter might not effectively get it since their background may be mostly marketing. You need a writer who can craft sales copy. And they’re called acquisition copywriters.

How do they do it?

Dive into the rest of this article to uncover how an acquisition copywriter can enhance your outreach strategy. So you don't just reach your target audience but engage and convert them.

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Common challenges in B2B outreach

If you’re “oh-so-ready” to enter the SaaS market, your first step should include reaching out to potential B2B clients. Because relying on organic traffic to make your product known is cool, but not feasible.

But honestly, reaching out is challenging. Picture this:

First, you have to connect with decision-makers. Yet they seem just out of reach, protected by layers of “gatekeepers.” These gatekeepers may include assistants, managers, or other team members whose job is to filter out communications to manage the decision-maker's time more efficiently.

And even when you do manage to reach these key contacts, another challenge arises. They’re not responding at all. Truth be told, lack of responses can be disheartening. Or if they responded but rejected, each rejection can feel like a setback. Especially when you're not given a clear reason, you second-guess your entire outreach.

So, in a nutshell, B2B outreach is complex and sometimes frustrating. But this can be effectively addressed through acquisition copywriting.

What is acquisition copywriting?

Acquisition copywriting involves crafting compelling messages to attract and convert potential customers. It's an integral part of your B2B outreach strategy where the aim is not just to reach out to potential clients but also to engage them effectively. So, this type of copywriting combines the power of thorough market research and persuasive writing.

The key elements of effective acquisition copywriting include:

  • Deep understanding of your audience's needs, pain points, and decision-making processes 

  • Language that nudges the reader to take action

  • A narrative that resonates with your target audience

  • Principles of psychology like scarcity, urgency, and social proof to encourage decision-making

  • Strong call-to-action that guides the reader on what to do next, whether it's to sign up, make a purchase, or get in touch

Perks of investing in an acquisition copywriter

Acquisition copywriters aren’t typical copywriters. They’re strategists, storytellers, and even psychologists, all rolled into one. 😎 Look at the perks of bringing them into your team.

  1. They perform intensive market research. Then, they create copy that aligns with your audience's aspirations and challenges. Their storytelling approach makes your SaaS product or service more than just a solution—it becomes a part of your customer's journey.

  2. Their copy stands out and grabs attention. These copywriters focus on acquisition and improve cold outreach by tailoring product messages to target audiences' nuances.

A quick story:

Mary Robido, CaaSocio team’s lead generation strategist, got a 46% engagement rate plus a 42% acceptance rate from cold outreach. Take note: these prospects are super cold leads. This means they don’t get the offer yet. 

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  1. They’re more conversion-focused. Each copy—whether email, outreach, web, or landing page copy—is structured with the right tone, positioning, and placement of calls to action or CTA.

  1. They get the psychological factors that influence decision-making processes in a B2B setting. And that includes your potential clients' aspirations, fears, and motivations. 

  1. They strip away the fluff and focus on delivering clear, concise product messages. This means they get to the point quickly—using simple yet powerful language. Most importantly, they ensure that the value proposition is unmistakable. 

What to look for in acquisition copywriters

So, if you need to hire an acquisition copywriter, pay attention to the following qualities that he/she should have:

Can seamlessly work with other experts 

They should be comfortable collaborating with other team leaders, including marketing strategists, sales teams, and content managers. This cross-functional collaboration ensures that the campaigns are cohesive and that the acquisition copywriter’s work is in line with the overall marketing strategy and goals of your business.

Can work closely with the design teams

An ideal acquisition copywriter should work seamlessly with design teams. This ensures that the visual elements complement the text for a cohesive and compelling narrative. Because the truth today is visuals are everything. They help immensely in capturing attention—the blending between copy and design can greatly enhance the impact of your marketing materials.

🔥 There’s always a debate whether copy should come first before design or the other way around. Well, we write our take on this on the article wireframing a SaaS website copy.

Can *truly* understand your audience

A skilled acquisition copywriter uses what you provide about your target audience and does separate market research, compiles the data and insights, and contributes to this knowledge base. They should be proficient in interpreting audience data to refine messaging and strategy, making their content more relevant and effective.

Can conduct competitor research

Your acquisition copywriter should be able to do thorough competitor research. Understanding what competitors do helps craft a unique value proposition and identify market gaps that your business can exploit.

Has experience in B2B outreach

Finally, experience in actual B2B outreach is super important. Why? Experienced acquisition writers understand the nuances of the B2B sphere—the longer sales cycles and the importance of building trust and confidence with potential clients. Their experience crafting copies tailored to the acquisition phase of your marketing can be an asset in creating strategies targeted at B2B buyers.

Talking about actual experience, look at our co-founders' credentials. 😎

Optimize your conversions with acquisition copywriting

B2B outreach is no small task. With the majority of B2B business leaders not responding to cold outreach, it's clear that classic methods don't work. You need the specialized skills of acquisition copywriters. They’re pivotal in turning your outreach efforts into result-oriented campaigns. 

Looking at it closer, B2B outreach requires more than just a writer—but a strategist who can elevate your messaging, ensuring it resonates with the right audience and drives the desired action.

At CaaSocio, we understand this. 

Our specialized B2B sales team—consisting of strategists, copywriters, LinkedIn outreach specialists, and cold email specialists—is well-equipped to connect, engage, and convert. 

Partner with us today and leverage our dedicated team to bring your outreach strategy up. 

Reach out and let's make your B2B outreach more successful.

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