The Wine Club Site
The Overview

WineClubSite is a club management software that helps wine club owners stay on top of their monthly releases—even if their members pick custom selections every release. They make sure that no wine gets left behind!

Now that they’ve found product-market fit, they needed to revamp their website to reflect what they’re currently doing, who they’re serving best, and what makes them different from the other wine club tools. 

The Challenge

While WineClubSite already has paying users, the founder feels like he can still improve the website to communicate the value of his tool fast.

He wanted to:

  • Add Industry pages so he can get his top 3 ideal avatars
  • Highlight one of their main selling points, Square Integration 
  • Present the pricing in a way that it’s easily digestible by visitors
The Solution

To showcase how awesome the WineClubSite is now (of course, it has improved—new features and all!) compared to how it sounds like on the unrevamped website, our team:

  • Did a deep dive session with the founder, listened to customer call recording to pick out the pain points, and researched non-stop
  • Conducted a competitor analysis so we’ll know how we’ll position WineClubSite differently
  • Created the Solutions page to target his top 3 clients
  • Added the Integrations page to highlight his Square Integration
  • Changed the features page to How it Works?
  • Organized the Pricing Page to showcase the 3 pricing tiers
  • Worked closely with the designer so the entire website communicates a more cohesive message
The Result

We'll let the new website do the talking.

"You guys [CaaSocio] alleviated the heavy lifting that was needed to develop the language and verbiage I need for my new site.

I enjoyed how often we met to go through what was done so far, especially the ability to interact and come up with improved wording for areas of the site. I also liked the level of detail you gave to other things like possible layouts for the design."

- Deji A.
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