SaaS Content Partner: Power Up Your SaaS Marketing By Extending Your Content Team
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Jennifer Poblete
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April 4, 2023
SaaS Content Partner: Power Up Your SaaS Marketing By Extending Your Content Team

Are you looking for help creating SaaS content to support your SaaS marketing

So you know that managing a steady stream of high-quality content can be challenging—and the value of content-consistent brands is 20% higher. 

But what if it means finding a SaaS content partner? Most marketers (81%) surveyed by Statista said they outsourced content writing. 

Taken alone, we know that's not convincing enough. 😳

So, in this blog post, we’ll answer why it’s good to outsource your SaaS copy & content writing. Further on, you’ll also uncover what it's like working with experienced content partners dedicated to SaaS teams. 

Here we go.

Benefits of outsourcing copy & content writing

If you’re like other SaaS marketing VPs, you might have reservations about outsourcing to a SaaS content partner. But before you flat out say no to outsourcing, look at these advantages. 

No delays

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing copy and content writing is that there are no delays when it comes to deliverables. Say you hire a freelancer if they get sick, take a holiday, or have other personal issues. Sorry, but projects can be delayed. 

Agencies don't have that problem—they have a pool of skilled copy and content writers. When one writer can't deliver, they have backup plans, like assigning the task to another available member. You won't have to worry about missed deadlines or work delays.

Real expertise in the niche

SaaS is one of the many niches around. And hiring a SaaS copywriting agency means working with a team that specializes in your area. They have likely written for clients similar to yours, which gives them an understanding that can be hard to acquire if done with the general freelancing team. 

Cross-team collaboration

Another benefit of outsourced SaaS content partners is that they know exactly how to collaborate to cross teams and communicate effectively. Dedicated SaaS agencies have a deep understanding of the nuances of working with SaaS teams, meaning they know their way around collaboration with developers, the process of creation, and the team dynamics involved.

Worth the money

Yup, different agencies offer different rates. But if you settle for a cheaper option, it might save money for the short term—you may end up spending much more on a less-quality job in the long run. For example, hiring a cheap copywriter may require more time and money to revise and edit. The cost savings can quickly diminish when dealing with inexperienced writers who produce low-quality output or even deliver late. 

However, we’re not stopping here. Let me entice you more by detailing what it’s like to work with a company that specializes in SaaS—ehem, like CaaSocio. 😎

How it’s like to work with a SaaS-savvy agency—like CaaSocio

Yes, I’m using our SaaS copywriting agency here. Working with a SaaS content partner like ours makes it easier to take real steps toward long-term success in your marketing strategies.

Here’s what we mean.

#1 Strategy-backed research in place

SaaS marketers know that research is at the heart of any successful marketing campaign. It’ll help you identify the specific customer segments that you should target. But truth be told, research comes in different colors for every marketer.

A SaaS-savvy agency like CaaSocio does research with strategy. We’ll look at your USP and help it optimize if needed. You’re the boss, but you’ll also hear our professional insights based on the strategy we created for you—so we’ll honestly tell you to stick or redirect your positioning. 

#2 Framework-based deliverables

Always and always a systemized approach to doing tasks is the key. 

At CaaSocio, we’ve done emails and content for teams, so it only means we have already come up with frameworks to make the work efficient and effective.

For example, CaaSocio 365 is an email framework that helped us get up to $50k additional MRR to a B2B SaaS month after month. This guide contains working ideas for:

  • Onboarding emails
  • Winback sequence
  • Sales (Trial is ending) emails
  • 1-year lead nurture sequence
  • Tailored newsletter
  • Product update emails
  • Black Friday SaaS campaigns
  • Inactive user campaigns
  • Expired trials (or paused user) campaigns
  • Demo emails

CaaSocio has already developed systems and processes that streamline their workflow, generate results and ensure quality results every time. 

#3 Internally edited outputs  

We’re unsure if most SaaS copywriting agencies have hands-on copy chiefs.  But in CaaSocio, our copy chief (Aiza Coronado) thoroughly reviews the copy and content we will submit. It’ll ensure that all of our content is error-free and well-written so that it’s ready-to-publish content. 

If you’d like to know more about her, we’ve written an article about how she found and fell in love with SaaS.

So, why does CaaSocio make a great content extension for your team?

Modesty aside, let us share our proud achievements by helping other SaaS teams.

The club management software had to revamp its website to reflect what they do, who they serve, and what makes them unique. They intend to:

  1. create industry pages
  2. highlight the company's key selling point 
  3. display pricing as clearly as possible

After our work, here’s their feedback. 😊

The conversion attribution tool’s main challenge is the lack of message positioning. One solution is to leverage the chat widget they already have. That way, they’ll have more meaningful engagement with their visitors. So we optimized the copy of their chat messages—and this happened:

The time-tracking tool wanted to launch on Appsumo to garner a wider audience and obtain more feedback. But admittedly, the product has no clear selling proposition for the larger market yet. That’s when they hired CaaSocio to get their messaging and positioning right.

And this was the result:

  • doubled free trial conversions
  • 35% increase in booked demo requests
  • 27% more people signed up for products

And the feedback we got:

So. besides that, why further trust our strategy to message? This should answer that. 👇

At CaaSocio, marketing SaaS is kinda our thing—like it's second nature to us! 😁 Once upon a time, our writers were in-house SaaS team members too. Our experience has molded our services from what we saw worked and what didn't. More information is available on our About us page

CaaSocio web services

  • Web copy

Website copywriting that brings your business to life. We create content that not only resonates with your prospects but also makes them eager to sign up for emails and offers.

  • Email services

Need help with your SaaS Onboarding Emails? How about nurture and outreach emails? We can help you can craft emails that reinforce your message, engage customers, and increase conversions.

  • UX copy services

Create clever shortcuts in your website copy via chat messages, product tours, or walkthroughs—all part of an effective communication strategy. Let us connect your customers with who you are and enhance visibility with compelling microcopies.

  • Long-form blog posts 

SaaS blog posts can build relationships with your SaaS customers and even foster the trust that you’re an authority in the industry. We’re committed to creating high-quality long-form blog posts content that doesn’t bore—but interests your audience while highlighting your SaaS.

  • Authority-building social content

If you're a SaaS company needing content that will boost your social media presence, engage readers, and persuade them to take action (like knowing your product more), CaaSocio is the SaaS content partner for you. 

We’re the right SaaS content partner

Collaboration with a SaaS content partner can provide major benefits to businesses including

  • No delays
  • Real expertise in the niche
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Worth the money

A SaaS content partner like CaaSocio can make all the difference in giving your SaaS business a boost, truly powering up your SaaS marketing capabilities. 

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you reach your copy and content goals, contact us today!

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