6 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business Growing
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Jennifer Poblete
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September 27, 2022
6 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business Growing

The world of SaaS moves quickly. And if you're not keeping up with your marketing, you're falling behind. More companies now include SaaS as part of their process. 

Here’s some evidence

  • 38% of companies say they run all their business processes on SaaS platforms
  • Most companies use around 80 SaaS apps to automate their work
  • 92% of companies are adopting cloud technology to improve their business processes

What do they indicate?

Demand for SaaS solutions is increasing. So to not get left behind, you must leverage SaaS marketing strategies.

In this blog post, we'll discuss 5 SaaS marketing strategies to raise brand awareness, get better leads, and build long-term relationships. In other words, strategies that will help your business grow. 

First, let’s start with a few basics. 

What is a SaaS marketing strategy?

Your SaaS marketing strategy is the action plan you create to ultimately promote and sell your SaaS product. It means ensuring your product is being applied correctly and sold to the correct audience.  

A good SaaS marketing strategy will take all the guesswork out of promoting and selling your product. It will help you focus your efforts on the right channels and target the right audience.

But there's confusion about these sometimes interchangeable terms: strategy and tactics.

Are they the same? The strategy vs the tactics 🤔

The short answer is no. A strategy is a plan you'll take to achieve your final goal. It defines your long-term goals and includes a high-level overview of how you'll achieve them. It doesn’t say what you’ll actually, physically do. 

Now, the actual actions are your tactics. They consist of the specific steps that your teams need to do to achieve the goals you've described in your strategy.

Despite being different, neither one will work well without the other. 

If we apply this to SaaS (or any business actually), it means using only one of the two is pointless. You can strategize all you want but without action, you’ll get nowhere. Likewise, tactics without strategy are empty efforts. 

6 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business Growing

1. Offering a free trial

Maybe you already know that SaaS is different because you sell a digital product. One irresistible strategy you can try is to offer a free trial of your service. After all, who doesn't love free stuff? 

Think of the strategy as a free taste in your favorite supermarket. You get the sample for free. If you like it, you’ll buy the full-sized version. 

The same goes for your SaaS product. By offering a free trial, you let your customer engage with your business with no commitment. But they’ll have a “taste” of your service. And you get their name and address when they sign up. So yes, you have a shot to impress them. 😉

If their experience and feedback are good, they may even upgrade their free trial to a paid account. Or. even better, recommend you to others.  

2. Planning email marketing

It’s not a secret that email gives the highest ROI versus other marketing channels. 4400% anyone? 

But the thing is, you don’t just send out emails. You have to strategically build the copy and the sequence of how you’ll send them. Some that are worth investing in are:

  • Onboarding emails
  • Nurture emails
  • Outreach emails

We at CaaSocio, believe in creating emails with a strategy to maximize their potential ROI. So if you need help doing just that, CaaSocio’s email marketing experts are just a call away :) 

3. Leveraging content marketing

Another good strategy is to optimize your efforts for content marketing. Plan out to release only well-researched, high-quality content. 

They may be in the form of

  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Lead magnets

Content Marketing also has the potential to increase the size of your audience. If done right, it will increase traffic and make you an industry leader.

But if you feel that it’s too much on your plate, we can help. You can hire us to write high-quality blogs for you. 

4. Generating organic leads through SEO

SEO is the art of writing for both bots and humans. So a good strategy to boost your business growth is to optimize your website. They’re free and get you organic traffic. When a search engine like Google displays your site on its first page, chances are, you can get more clicks. 

According to Backlinko, the top organic result gets 10x more clicks than the 10th place result. 

However, please note that SEO is NOT a one-time procedure. If you decide to do it, it’s an ongoing marketing strategy, a long-term one at that. The reward? More visitors to your website, which means more awareness of your brand.

5. Developing PPC campaigns

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing uses clicks to drive costs for advertisers. So this strategy is a no-brainer if you’re serious about growing your business and have money to spend. 

Similar to SEO, we’re talking about being in search engine results here. But, as you might have guessed from its name, PPC is paid ads. And, unlike long-term SEO, this will let you target specific search terms and audiences more quickly.

Remember this though ― your paid strategy won't work unless you're generating relevant, high-quality traffic. So your ad copy and keyword targeting still have to be on point.

6. Requesting for ratings on review sites

Is the feedback of your customers important? Do their reviews about your business affect your brand? Simple answer: YES! 

So ask your users to leave their feedback about your product on review sites.

By having people review your business, you’ll get a free guide on how to improve your product. They may also influence possible buyers on their purchase decisions.

So plan on how you can start requesting customers to leave their thoughts on popular review websites like G2 and Capterra.

Develop your SaaS marketing strategies TODAY

It doesn't matter whether you've just started your own SaaS business and you're looking for ways to speed up your growth. Or you've been using the same marketing techniques for a while now and you're not seeing the growth you want.

These 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies will help you get your business growing. 


Maybe a little help will do. Feel free to contact us if you need help using any of these 6 strategies. Our team is more than happy to chat with you about your specific needs and see how we can help get your business growth moving in the right direction. 

What strategy are you going to try first?

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