CaaSocio year-end review: Closing 2021 with a bang!
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Jennifer Poblete
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January 20, 2022
CaaSocio year-end review: Closing 2021 with a bang!

Nothing worth having comes easy…

Like other copywriting agencies, CaaSocio hadn’t started easy. There were days when there was no client to serve.

But did our co-founders Aiza and Sarah give up? 

No. That’s why we can proudly share with you what the SaaS copywriting team accomplished for the past year. And yes, we’re here to inspire and boast ( just a little) with our achievements :)

Here we go 🚀🚀🚀

On August 25, 2020, we officially registered our SaaS copywriting agency in Estonia. And when we started taking biz stuff seriously, we went from serving 10 SaaS clients in 2020 to 10 SaaS/tech clients per month this 2021.

✦ Launched our copywriting focused website that attracted better clients for 2021. (Yes, to qualified, inbound leads)

✦ We helped 5 SaaS teams showcase their positioning, voice, and messaging on their websites. (They already know it, we just wrote it clearly so visitors can understand their value better and faster. Take a look at some of our best projects).

✦ Published 10 blog articles that’ll help SaaS founders, marketers, and freelancers make their business more powerful. We also talked about ourselves a little — published 2 stories about our Co-founders.
✦ Due to client demand, we started offering a monthly blog content package and wrote 62 blogs like this for our clients. Phew!
✦ Wrote onboarding emails and a set of nurture emails for 2 clients

✦ Optimized LinkedIn packages and nailed 6-month retainers for B2B and enterprise clients. Yep, they must have loved seeing bookings in their calendars, and getting more enterprise sales in new markets!

✦ Started consulting and fractional CMO (+ team) offers. Just booked a 1-year contract with an eCommerce SaaS. Can’t wait to take them to $25k MRR this year! 

✦ Sent out a newsletter for the very first time (ugh, we kinda take our own marketing efforts for granted, but that’s because we’re booked up all the time. Will do better this year!)

✦ The core team grew from 3 to 5. Plus our writing team now works with 13 SaaS-y writers. 

✦ Hit 5 figure monthly recurring revenue consistently!

✦ No more chasing clients nor worrying if there’s no new client (because we already have retaining patrons who want to book us for 1 year to secure a slot).

✦ Launched our paid pilot program called Breaking Into SaaS (BIS) to further our vision of fueling 1000 SaaS brands to grow by connecting them with Filipino SaaS marketing specialists. (And of course, to grow our team too!)

For 2022, we have lots of plans for clients, our team members, and the local SaaS Filipino community.

✦ We’ll be offering a startup-friendly onboarding email package starting at $999 because every startup deserves a fair chance to grow BIG.

✦ We’re also looking for our first SEO + content project. Our partner scaled a SaaS from 0 to 400k monthly traffic in 4 months so we’re giddy to test it on SaaS startups who are hungry to grow in 2022.

✦ We’ll be focusing on deeper engagements with current clients—like a fractional team— because we want to see them win (and we want to learn as much as we can). What do we mean by this? Read on.

You must think we’re all over the place because of our various back-end marketing offers. 😜

(Our core offer is still content though — it’s what we do best!)

But, here’s the thing…

From our experience of working with SaaS teams since 2015.

SaaS founders have been intimidated by their first marketing hire when they’re ready to scale. They need someone who can take ALL of the marketing stuff they used to do themselves when they were still starting. 

Well, what if you could get access to a FRACTIONAL team of SaaS freelancers?

This team can do specialized stuff for your growth and it could be on a per-project/per-milestone basis. They’re after the results that really move the needle (MRR, churn, bookings). They’ve done this before for several SaaS teams and they have frameworks for that so they can work faster.

This is a low-risk, low-cost approach to marketing delegation that’s way EASIER (and LOGICAL) than trying to find a VA who can do it all, but still needs your direction... Hire an expert marketing freelancer, but he/she has no SaaS-specific experience… Or invest in an in-house team member who can only do so much (they burn out too fast!).

Enter CaaSocio, your SaaS fractional team who can take you to your next level of growth.

CaaSocio team is waving! Lol, that’s us! And we can be what you need at the moments to scale — a SaaS team with a SaaS strategist and a trained team who can execute with YOU and YOUR team.

This e-Estonia-based team of Filipino SaaS copywriters marketers are ready to help you slay 2022! We ‘get’ the tech, marketing, and the founder's life so for our best-match clients, we’re your strongest allies!

Think of us like your fractional SaaS team. And let us help you hit your 2022 MRR goals.

Want to take any of our offers? We’re ready to take the next client by February 2022, but if you have urgent requirements, we can pull up the VIP card for you. ;-)

Contact us and let’s talk. 

2021 Year-end review CaaSocio
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