Strategic Saas Content Marketing: Intentional Repurposing, Not Blind Recycling
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October 9, 2023
Strategic Saas Content Marketing: Intentional Repurposing, Not Blind Recycling

Making the most of your SaaS marketing investments? ProfitWell Report supports the claim that SaaS content marketing works.

Here’s an excerpt from the document on the topic of customer acquisition:


But there's also a no secret fact: Consistently producing content is among the biggest challenges SaaS content marketers face—we’re talking about 60% of them here.

Smart move?

That's called content repurposing

It’s efficient. It maximizes the impact of your content efforts.  And it requires only a little extra effort on your part. 😊

Interested to learn more about it?

Join us as we examine what it exactly is, why it makes a great addition to any SaaS content marketing strategy, and give some pointers on how to get started.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is the practice of taking your existing content and giving it new life by presenting it in different formats. The idea is to maximize the value of the published content by scaling and adapting it to different channels and audiences.

For instance, if you've written an insightful content for your SaaS website. You can break down the key points from that long-form SaaS content and turn them into: 

  • social media posts
  • a slideshow
  • podcast episode
  • an email newsletter
  • a white paper

Easy to think of it like content recycling, but essentially—it’s much more strategic and smarter. Because instead of just letting a piece of awesome content fade into the archives, you're transforming it into something new and exciting.

Why should you consider content repurposing for your SaaS content marketing strategy?

Alright, let's now talk about its great addition to any SaaS content marketing strategy. It isn't just a fancy way to keep your content fresh—here's why you should seriously consider adding content repurposing into your game plan:

It can maximize your reach.

Not everyone consumes content in the same way. Some prefer watching short videos on their lunch breaks or listening to podcasts when commuting. While others prefer reading blog posts. So suppose you've created a fantastic eBook that's jam-packed with insights about your SaaS solution. If you stop there, you're limiting your content's potential reach. By repurposing that eBook, you're catering to different preferences. 

It reinforces your brand's message.

There’s just too much information in the digital space. But the good thing is the more your market is exposed to your message, the stronger your message becomes in their minds.

It boosts your SEO efforts.

Aware that SEO is also about internal linking? Great! Because repurposing your SaaS content means you're creating more content that links back to the original piece. And this contributes to increasing the credibility and domain authority of your website, which can improve your search engine rankings.

But is SEO synonymous with content marketing (or the other way around)? Check out our interesting article about this: SEO Vs. Content Marketing―Here's How They’re Different

It (obviously) lets you save time and resources.

Okay, we also admit that creating new content from scratch can be time-consuming and for you? It could be an additional expense So, if you already have the core content, you can just focus on modifying it to fit the new format. This not only saves you resources but also allows you to create more content in less time.

It extends the lifespan of your content.

Sad truth is, the lifespan of most content is short-lived. But by repurposing your content, you can extend the lifespan of your content and keep it fresh in the minds of your audience. And that’s maximizing your SaaS content marketing, right? 😁

It helps you stay relevant.

Simple, repurposing old content can also help you stay relevant in your industry. Just by updating your old content to include recent SaaS marketing trends, viewpoints, and data, you’re telling your audience that your content is still fresh to read even as months pass. 

Is this tactic just being lazy?

Great question! Let's address this head-on. And the two-letter answer is NO.

Content repurposing is far from lazy. 🤔

In fact, it's a clever and strategic move. 😎 When you repurpose content, you're not taking the easy way out. You're actually making the most of the valuable insights and knowledge you've already created. 

It's important to understand that content repurposing isn't about randomly throwing stuff out there. The trick is to ensure that each repurposed piece serves a clear purpose and aligns with your strategy. And you can start this by defining your SaaS content marketing strategy by deciding on your primary content source and a specific content pillar format. 

Let's explore some examples of content sources:

  • Podcast

If you've been listening to (or even hosting) an insightful podcast where you discuss the hottest trends in SaaS—these discussions are a goldmine of information. You can transcribe these podcasts, extract key points, and turn them into comprehensive blog posts. That's it! There's now a way for readers who prefer to read to digest your wisdom.

  • Sales meetings with clients

Your sales meetings are treasure chests. It’s full of actual client questions, actual pain points, and actual solutions. By going through them, you can pick the most common or intriguing questions and share them in the content pillar post you’ve defined. Your interactions with clients become a valuable source for educating your broader audience.

  • Team conversations

Trust me, the best ideas usually come from casual conversations within your team. These discussions can be recorded or documented and transformed into insightful blog posts. Think about how a brainstorming session on optimizing SaaS user onboarding could become a step-by-step guide for your audience.

  • Interviews with team experts

Some of the experts in the SaaS space are the persons within your company. Most of your team member heads are experts in their respective departments. Having interviews with them can yield rich insights. Writing up these interviews and structuring them into well-organized blog posts can showcase your team's expertise and provide actionable advice to your audience.

Say you have chosen a content source, now it's time to move on to deciding the pillar format.

Here’s an image of what we mean by ONE content pillar format that can be repurposed and distributed multiple times. In this case, a LinkedIn post is that pillar.


So let's repeat the key takeaway here:

From ONE content source, your chosen content pillar format should be your go-to method for repurposing—like a blog post (or any other format that aligns) with your target audience's preferences.

How to repurpose the content types commonly used in SaaS marketing?

#1 Repurposing long-form SaaS blogs

Blog posts are widely used in SaaS marketing and can be repurposed in several ways. You can turn blog posts into:

CaaSocio is a good example of this: 

From this blog post:


We repurposed it through social media posts like this:



  • Video content based on that SaaS blog posts. You can create explainer videos, tutorial walkthroughs, or even vlogs where you talk about the blog's main takeaways.

#2 Repurposing insights from whitepapers:

Whitepapers provide in-depth information about a particular topic that’s related to your industry. It’s important to make the most of them by repurposing insights from your research in different formats.

  • Condense complex data from your whitepapers into visually engaging and easily digestible infographics. 

  • Use the data and insights from your whitepapers to create compelling slide decks for presentations at webinars, conferences, or workshops. 

#3 Repurposing video content

Videos are easier to share than text or images on social media platforms. This means that they can help you reach a wider audience.

  • Create a transcript of your video and turn it into a blog post.

  • Slice your video content into short, attention-grabbing snippets, teasers that can be shared on social media platforms. 

Don’t just repurpose content blindly

SaaS content marketing is now a priority for businesses wanting to build brand authority through increased product visibility. Yet, as compelling as the idea of reusing old content may sound, blindly repurposing content is far from effective.

Content repurposing is a strategic approach to extend your SaaS marketing efforts. By transforming existing content into various formats, you:

  • maximize your reach
  • reinforces your brand's message.
  • boosts your SEO efforts
  • lets you save time and resources.
  • extends the lifespan of your content.
  • helps you stay relevant

If you’re serious about maximizing your SaaS content marketing investments, we're here to support your content repurposing journey. Let CaaSocio help turn your pillar content into engaging micro-contents.

Book a call today. Maximize the impact of your marketing investments.


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